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ntvdm - VDM Configuration Files



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      NOTE: This relates to CORE-7250, but in order to keep that issue focused only on the development of NTVDM itself, I have decided to make this a separate issue.

      These files are the default configuration files that the VDM (Virtual DOS Machine) runs when a user runs a DOS application. Please note that the documentation is a "Work in Progress" and is subject to change as development continues.


      • In AUTOEXEC.NET, the default SET BLASTER option is taken from DOSBox. Parts of the Documentation for the Sound Blaster Settings is mostly taken from DOSBox, and the note at the end is a rewrite of the documentation found in XP/2K3.


      • All the options found in the XP/2K3 version of the file are listed along with rewritten documentation that makes it easier to determine what each option one does.
      • 'ntcmdprompt' is an option that allows users to use either cmd.exe or COMMAND.COM. Since revision 61290 states that the command.com program found in XP/2K3 is only a wrapper program, and that at the time of writing, we cannot compile 16-bit applications via RosBE, I'm not sure if this option will ever be used or not. But for the time being, until it can be properly determined if this option will actually be needed or not, I will keep this option for now.


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