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Start button background in themes is scaled incorrectly.



    • Type: Bug
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    • Fix Version/s: 0.4.14
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      This can easily be seen when applying a theme designed for Windows XP and comparing it to how it looks on an actual install of XP or any of its variants that has theme support (i.e. POSReady 2009), making the image too small vertically. I haven't looked at the source, but I suspect it's because the image is scaled to fit the taskbar height maybe when it's supposed to be absolute height? The image attached shows a bit of the start button from the Luna theme that is only supposed to be visible if the taskbar height is higher than default. The green area is supposed to fill the taskbar otherwise.


      Oh and as a side note, the start text should be all lowercase.


        1. 0.4.7-dev-704-gb10dd06.png
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          Oleg Dubinskiy
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          Toru the Red Fox
        8. revert-freetype.patch
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        9. revert-PR1235.patch
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        10. revert-PR2146.patch
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        12. start-button.patch
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        13. valid-PR745-revert.png
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        15. XP-ReactOS-comparison.jpg
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